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  1. actually, that depends only on the art res. I use 1000x1000 pixel images at least, and that gets rid of any kind of blurriness, since any image larger than your screen size will get reduced (my phone has a 2k display and it looks simply gorgeous) you can easily do this with a tag edition app/program. you can download hi res cover arts here: Album Art Exchange
  2. One thing that I really miss here, and the only thing that keeps me jumping between this app and others (it's been like this for longer than a year now) is the ability to edit the upcoming queue more freely: being able to reorder the songs, add songs/albums to it directly after the song that's playing now... It's hard to explain for me, but if you try BlackPlayer (either vanilla or the EX version) you'll see what I mean. In my opinion that is a superb way of using a playing queue. Aside from that, everything is fine right now (wouldn't mind if you implemented skins for the alpha soon, I'm not a big fan of the vanilla look), but I love the app, it's definitely my favourite in many aspects.
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