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  1. Since nearly 4 years I use Poweramp as my default player and I am totally committed to it. Nevertheless I absolutely miss 1 option: I have more than 300 files of music videos which I can listen to with Poweramp as audio. Anyway, the player has sooo many settings & options to customize every single important and also unimportant thing which shows that the developers are absolutely professional and especially able to implement nearly everything. The intention of Poweramp is to be the best music player on app market. So far, they definitely made it and as a music player it's nearly perfected - but to bring it to the next level it would be outstanding in relation to alternative apps, if the player supports on top video based on existing options & settings of customizing the sound of the related music files. Even if not every user may be interested in this option, it's the same thing the other way round with many existing options which are not important for other users at all, but as there's currently not any app available yet which covers Poweramp's diversity as video player, it would be an option which is worth to implement.
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