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  1. You need to enable Scrobble via Official Last.fm app in in Poweramp. Also take care about battery saving features your smartphone may have. This could kill simple last.fm scrobbler when you disable your display. I've posted my complete settings here and I don't have any problems with scrobbling:
  2. Yes, I've opted in as a beta tester in the google play store. So I'm on the newest version with my Honor 7 (Android Marshmallow) As I said I haven't noticed any missing scrobble with my settings, despite if I pause a song. Then it isn't scrobbled directly altough it already reached the 50%. If I'd kill the SLS app until continue scrobbling the scrobble would be lost then.
  3. I'd issues scrobbling too with Poweramp v3 alpha. Now I found a solution and it works fine since 3 hours using SLS, my settings are: Poweramp: scrobble via Last.fm app enabled scrobble via Simple Last.fm disabled (yeah, sounds weird but it really works) SLS: active Apps: Poweramp checked scrobble after: 50% ongoing: checked notification: checked scrobble: checked now playing: chedked when to scrobble: after each song scrobble on playlist end: checked Note that newer android versions have battery saving features and kill apps if they're not on the whitelist as soon as the screen is disabled, so you need to put SLS on the whitelist. If I pause a song it isn't scrobbled directly, but it will be scrobbled as soon as I continue listening or start listening to new songs, if the 50% were already reached)
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