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  1. I currently have 892 albums on my phone, where the 4-at-a-time view is probably still ideal for the smaller screen (talk about endless scroll, though), but I could certainly see the benefit to offer up more images at once on the Album view, especially for larger tablet screens.
  2. Flyer12, no problem at all. You'd be amazed at the number of native English speakers who use lose for loose, and loose for lose.
  3. This certainly seems like a reasonable feature to add, and one that should be straightforward to engineer.
  4. This is another thread in need of typo corrections to the title: loosing > losing list > lists
  5. If anything, it seems like it might be better to have something like a button press that sets a flag for a given track to add it to a "purge playlist" that you could use to review deletions later, like when you aren't driving a car.
  6. Bonus points to anyone who can correct the typo in this topic title (Albuns > Albums)
  7. This strikes me as more of a limitation of Android (specifically speech recognition) that should be solved there rather than within Poweramp.
  8. For me, the most important missing feature is one that has been requested several times over the last few years: Overlap/Radio Crossfade, i.e. the ability to pre-scan from a certain point in Track A for the point where audio reaches a preset low dB threshold, setting a fade out length for Track A, and having Track B start up at full volume within the fade out, so that there are seamless breaks between tracks, without using fade in at all. Many others have described it better on these boards, but the way that Continuator for Foobar2000 works would be the ideal.
  9. This feature is absolutely needed, and would be enjoyed by a significant number of people. The current crossfade is so rudimentary it would almost be better without it. Fading in a new track almost always sounds terrible.
  10. I completely agree. Users have been asking for this simple but highly useful feature for years now, to no avail. Poweramp devs, please add this!
  11. This feature has been requested for at least 4 years, and has not yet materialized. I would think the coding work to be relatively trivial. Rockbox supported it a decade ago, FB2K has supported it through plugins for many years, and the concept is very simple: Make it possible for track A to fade out a certain period of time before the track reaches a low dB threshold at the end of a track, and start the subsequent track B at max volume before track A reaches zero volume, rather than fading it in. The best case for adding this functionality is to listen to almost any 2 shuffled tracks being played with conventional crossfading, and note how terrible it sounds.
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