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  1. Happened again. Same situation. Connected via. Bluetooth to Ford Sync. Received a phone call but did not answer. Swiped to not answer and when song started back the tempo was very fast. Temp control was NOT turned on when I checked it. Tried to force stop PA but it didn't work. Rebooted phone and that fixed it. Help please.
  2. So far since update it hasn't happened again. Fingers crossed.
  3. Where does one turn them off completely. I prefer just seeing the album art
  4. Not sure. Haven't had the time to do any testing. Work nights 12 hour shifts. I'll report back anything I find when I get a chance to test.
  5. Just updated to 816. BTW this is the paid version.
  6. First time this happened it just happened. The second time was after receiving a phone call that I didn't answer while listening to music. The call turned off the music (Bluetooth to Ford Sync) and when the music began to play again Poweramp had sped up the tempo. I wasn't sure where the tempo control was at the time so I didn't reduce it. I know where it is now so I'll report back if it's been changed on the dial or if it's at zero. Moto Z2 Force Stock Poweramp v3 build 814
  7. NooB here but I've been using Poweramp for years. Best Android Player by far IMO. Anyway I got some BOSE SoundSport Bluetooth earbuds for Christmas. They sound amazing BTW. I too am having problems with the headphone buttons working. Poweramp version 2.0.10-build-588-play (full version). My phone is an HTC M8 (AT&T) running Android 6.0 6.20.502.5 HTC Sense 7.0 They work sometimes and sometimes they don't. I've tried everything!!!! Help and thanks!!!!
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