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  1. Is it possible in future builds to move this item down?
  2. Good afternoon. Is a 20 band equalizer planned for the future?
  3. Hi, thanks for the update. We need to change the 2019 year.
  4. Prompt please, does it make sense, to put such a high sampling rate? Device XZ1, Android 9
  5. I have, exactly the same problem with scanning, I do not understand how it now works, if earlier, when I added the track to the SD card, went to the menu where the library, clicked to scan, it was completely nervous and the track appeared, in recently added Tracks, and now there is some imitation scan, so that everything was like before, you have to close the player from the task, then at startup again, it scans automatically as it should, manually from under the library, is just an imitation.
  6. In version 804, the license purchased through the site does not pass, there have never been any problems, but now, as soon as I haven’t entered, support of the player itself FAQ did not help, looked at the letter of purchase I enter everything correctly and the ID number and email, writes: unsuccessful license checkI don’t accept everything I do ???
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