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  1. Oh boy it smells like another year of anticipation ))
  2. I mean, does it sound bad atm? And if you really need "the sound" you could buy yourself a mini-dac or something. No alternatives with the software, my man (as long as you don't want to revert to android 6)
  3. Andre, I think I'm gonna cry... AN UPDATE FROM DEVELOPER!!11!1
  4. I don't want to be negative but the situation is pretty negative itself, i mean it smells like abandonment
  5. Yeah, because it turned into s***storm... (pardon my language)
  6. (read with Schwarzenegger accent from the Red Heat movie) Is a good reason to move to the glorious country of Russia, comrade. Come.
  7. I'd say that the development of this app could be called "mythic", so who knows. In a couple of decades we will tell our kids legends about the brave but unseen developer trying to adapt his music player to all the existing android versions lol.
  8. Well the funniest thing is that it'll be march again very soon, pretty much a whole year
  9. I remember the times when it should have been released in April 2017.. And the last actual update was like in September 2016 Dayum am I gonna laugh when google announce the next android in about 5 months