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  1. Any news on this? I bought a new phone, but like before, re-rating all my songs/recreating the most played lists on Poweramp is still the most painfull part of the whole process, that's terrible, I would understand if your app was free, but I paid nearly 5 Euros, one of my most expensive app ever, for that price I'm waiting to see here some basic functions....
  2. Okay, I see. Good luck to your dev! Sorry for that, my native language isn't english...
  3. Thanks for your answer and the explanation. But now, I found that the issue is not about the SD card or the update from Android 5.1.1 ; now at every reboot of the phone, all the data and the song in Poweramp are lost, no more ratings, no more "most played", no more "recently played", etc... The problem seems to come from Poweramp as with N7Player which I installed now, when I reboot my phone, the list of the recently/most played songs isn't deleted like in Poweramp... Now I will try to reinstall Poweramp, maybe it could help to fix this issue... Edit : It seems that reinstalling the app solved the problem, now even when I reboot my phone, the songs doesn't disapears and the lists in Poweramp stay in place....
  4. Thanks, I will look at your app, and yes, giving rates in the track itself is a good idea!
  5. Hello, I like very much Poweramp, but I think I will have to change it to another player (despite the high price I payed for your app)... 2 weeks ago I updated my phone to Android 6.0 and Poweramp lost everything from artcovers modified from Poweramp to song ratings, most played, etc... I thought that it was not a bug from the app since my OS had a major update... So I took 2 or 3 hours to give rates to my 1800 songs (it's essential for me), everything was fine.... But today I changed the SIM of my phone (the phone was off) and as the microSD is on the same tray as the SIM card, the microSD went off the phone, but I haven't done anything to the microSD, all the song were the same at the same place, etc... but when I switch on phone again, everything was gone, Poweramp had to rescan everything and all my ratings and most played songs had disapeared.... Hours of puting back ratings on my songs, GONE.... Please do something, loosing such data is terrible !!!!!! Thanks and Merry Christmas. App version : "alpha-build-703-play" Phone : Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro Android version : 6.0.1 ; MIUI version : MIUI Global 8.1 Stable
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