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  1. Hi, can I suggest making the list that pops up when you tap and hold on the player screen a bit longer so the list extends all the way down? Or at least put an option into the menu for that? I find myself scroll down in it so much and there's still so much space on my screen... Or, as it was in the v2, allow us to simply tap and hold the artist name to get rerouted right into the artist song list... Same with the CD name. Also, what would be extra cool, to have the same option in the dialog box, when you see a song by some particular artist and you want to get really fast into that artists' list, to just tap and hold and have those "go to:artist/CD" prompts in that pop-up window. Can't think of anything else I don't like, this player is just the best. Love your work, Max, amd kudos to Andre for his work on this forum.
  2. Pretty please, will there be a button to get to the album, artist or folder from the song screen? Thanks Edit: Just found out that when I tap the bar at the bottom (the one that shows which song is currently playing when you're in the list) the song plays again from the beginning. Now I'm not sure but I think that wasn't the case in the first moments with the 790 release, maybe something happened... Is there a way to choose the action the bottom bar does when tapped? Thanks a lot P. S. The app is great. Big thanks to Max and also Andre, I have mad respect for him too. Keep up the good work guys.
  3. In my opinion many people would appreciate multiple tagging... I have no computer access and everytime there are no tags it's really bothersome to fill it all one by one. If it's possible, could you please try implementing it inside next version? By the way I'm really big fan of your player, it's the only app I ever paid for... It's totally worth it. Thanks for the awesome player you provide us. Thanks for reading, I'll welcome any reply. Petr Turek
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