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  1. I purchased full version but I have alpha build 703 full. But the trial version is beta. Why dont i have beta version?
  2. Re genre list - I should be able to set eq once for entire genre. Now i have to set each genre album separately. Ugh. A better design would be to assign albums to an eq setting like how currently you assign them to a playlist. That would be fast and easy and you already have much of the coding. Or let me simply enter a list ie genre and assign the entire thing to an eq with a click or two.
  3. And now i am able to set eq via genre list. Problem is i can think i am in a list because i have opened it. But max doesnt read it as opened. I think i am making changes to the list i have opened but am not. According to max. I guess.
  4. Ok. Now there is only song option. You cant set eq to playlists genres etc There is no folder option, only song eq There is no revert to previous eq settings or undo eq changes in case you change eq for all songs accidently (which is silly easytodo in this app) Man. Am wasting TOO MUCH time on eq settings
  5. Yes. Am testing v 3. See, you are using a logic that requires the user to know how they got to where they want to assign an eq setting. Why force that on me. When driving a car and changing gears the manual transmission requires more involvement and precision from driver. As sw developers you want to create more of an automatic transmission driving experience.
  6. I had same question. Thing is, i do not have "list" option in preset save list. Just devices "all songs" and "song".
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