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  1. Yeah I know, but I have read all the ideas and I cannot use any of: not even the in-PA option to always show the menu....it is disabled. So is there a way to clear the queue, please. My new phone just does not allow me to do it whatever I have tried. Thanks for any help. Nick
  2. Hi. Being slack I did NOT try it...then I had to factory my phone, lost al EQs. So now I have tried it, but what you suggest lets me export settings, but I do not seem able to choose where to expoirt to. Is my best choice to do a backup to SDCard1 via a file manager? Thanks Nick
  3. OK. Thanks. I figured it was PA, but it was worth asking. The funny thing it must be a week since I started using the phone and nothing like this had happened. It wasn't updating, but downloading google play games ...Fishpond or something. Nick
  4. I had a phone, (on which I had PA installed and used it a LOT, no problem), brick itself and bought a new one. I have used it for several days and I had reinstalled PA, but had no occasion to use PA until today. Ever since I activated PA, I have had annoying Goolge play.....almostdemand...that I install stuff,downloading a game and other not nice stuff. Is this considered acceptable behaviour? Has anyone experienced in connection with Poweramp? Any help appreciated. Nick
  5. I have tried intercom app after app. None of them support music that plays then stops when intercom starts, like a phone call or Google Maps. Does any of you audio guys know why? Thanks for any help. Nick
  6. Hah! Silly huh? :). I will have a look. Nick
  7. OK, thanks. I guess the app deserves my spending some time working the logic out. Not sure why all the choices aren't there all the time.... Nick
  8. I haved started making EQ's thgat suit selected music, but I am puzzled about how PA decides what can be chosen. Sometimes it's Song, sometimesAlbum, sometimes Artist. I am assuming there _is_ a logic there :). It just eludes my old brain. Thanks for any help Nick
  9. Backing up mapp data in Android, at leastn to an SD card and not the (shudder) cloud, seems to be a black art. So IU am trying to do it in bits and pieces, taking care of it myself. So. How do I go about backing up all my EQ's to SD card? I am getting more and more now that I have discovered that I can associate each EQ with selected music. Thanks for any help Nick
  10. I have just tried that and no go. Whatr I did not try weas to actually check the contents of each folder . I deleted the Guess Who folder and the other folders then came up empty. I can only guess that at a level lower then PA, the _files_ from the Noiseworks and Police folders were transferred to the Guess Who folder, or that they were somehow tied together, although showing separately. This last beccause if I tried to play any of the three, the other two would get added. ???? I regret not looking hardert before deleting that folder. IUt would have been interesting to see what the latter two folders actrually contained. No reycle bin in Android.:( Anyway a simple matter to delete the folders and reload from my PC. Nick
  11. i will check that, but this was not happening before ...yesterday? Also, one album is Golden Earring, another is the Police and the 3rd is the Australian Band Noiseworks. I cannot think of any connection except in PA's mind :). It seems 3 albums are tied together. I am not surprised you can't reproduce it: as you say it is really weird. I will play around with settings for a bit and if I find a solution I will post it. If I can'tmake any sense of it, I will delete and reload those albums .....and hope.... At this stage, thank you for your help. Good support of the BEST player on the Android market. Nick
  12. Oookkaaaay. If I even PLAY one of the problem albums, it drags the other ones in just as with queue or playlist Nick
  13. Just to try, I added one of the problem causing albums to a new Playlist ....and exactly the same extra albums were added without my asking. Edit...if I ask to sort the mixed up songs by album, they get sorted fine. Keep listening for the next exciting installment Nick
  14. I will leave it as is for now, so I can provide info. But as far as I know only two albums are affected, and in the end I will just delete and reload them to see if that fixes it. Nick
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