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  1. Are there any plans to support Android Auto? Mediamonkey is the only app I use that supports it at the moment, but it's quite clunky for that. I'm not sure how hard it would be, but I doubt it it would be that hard considering that the UI is usually almost identical just formatted differently.
  2. On my LG V20, the OpenSL ES HD and Hi-res output options only work if you set the sample rate at 96khz or above. Also, I think there should be an option like "same as source (if possible)" for the sample rate option if you don't want any resampling to be done.
  3. I have this issue as well, but it seems that it does show up on last.fm while it is playing, most of the time, but as soon as the track is done playing it disappears from last.fm.
  4. I just downloaded it, and it shows the option, but it fails and reverts to OpenSL ES immediately.
  5. Device model: LG V20 Sprint (LG-LS997) ROM version : Stock ROM (Android 7.0) The device is explicitly branded as supporting Hi-Res audio, and has an ESS DAC (ES9218) capable of outputting it. Poweramp does not show the hi-res option, unlike the user above. I suspect this is due to differences in carrier models (The Sprint model also does not have a stock music app for some reason). UPDATE: The option not showing was due to the fact that I had the 703 build, not the 704 one:P (it still doesn't work) audio_policy.conf
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