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  1. The galaxy tab a the hi res feature works perfect and sounds amazing
  2. I have a samsung galaxy j7 running the stock marshmallow rom and the snapdragon dac im using build #704 i have couple 24 bit 192khz flac files on my phone and i noticed Poweramp plays the files perfect and doesnt resample them down to 16bit during playback and i dont have the hi res output option on my phone but i also have neutron music player and it converts my mp3 files and some of my 16bit flac files to 32bit and my 24bit files stay 24bit is there a possibilty some point down the line on one of the next updates i might get the hi-res output option?
  3. What are some good plug-ins to use in version 3 of Poweramp?
  4. Works flawlessly on my S4 active made a big difference in sound quality over version like night and day difference
  5. I have a s4 and had same problem with the stock earbuds multiple $10 earbuds i had replay gain set to 12 to act as volume boost I figured out it was caused by replay gain being to high and adapt sound and the stock music effects being on at same time I had Poweramp on so I rooted my phone and uninstalled adapt sound and the stock music fx feature and Google play music and samsung music player and left only Poweramp and set replay gain to 9.0 and never had the problem again and now can use my monster ear buds with no fear of breaking them
  6. What's the difference between the Java based audio output and the open sl es output? The open sl es output seems to have a Lil more clarity to the audio playback
  7. Some help would be greatly appreciated I have a non rooted HTC One V with stock Roms and still running Android 4.0.3 should I root and update software Im only using phone as a media player I have version 2 of Poweramp installed on it I'm wondering if there is a version 3 build that is compatible with the phone cause I would like to update to version 3 I downloaded build 703beta and everytime I go to use the app I get a message saying Poweramp is not responding and will now close I've tried rebooting the phone and reinstalling the app and still get the same message until I give up and revert back to version 2 Is there a certain build that is compatible with my phone?Or something i am doing wrong? I would appreciate any advice. Thanks
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