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  1. Loving Poweramp, and have been for years. thanks. It has worked flawlessly on 3 different phones over many official and custom roms. However, I now have a phone it worked perfectly on but my battery suddenly started draining (not Poweramps fault) due to no know changes. I switched to the Chinese rooted rom for my phone and since then Poweramp no longer starts playing music when I plug in headphones. That has always been one of my essential features. I am on a Lenovo Vibe Shot running Android 6.0.1. I have looked at all the permissions but can't see anywhere I could change this behaviour. Any help would be greatly appreciated. BTW. The volume increment by 1 is so amazing and thank you for it. I had the option in a CyanogenMod build on an old phone but it killed the audio quality. On the beta of Poweramp it works perfectly. Steev.
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