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  1. Honestly wasn't aware of such a thing. Thank you for the information! Should I delete this thread since my problem has been solved? Or will one of the moderators do it? Sorry, I'm not aware of how this thing works. Jeremy
  2. I'm sorry what I've posted wasn't clear enough, yes, what I'm asking for is something to help my laziness in pressing Shift after every space haha (like when you type somebody's name on your phone to add them to your contact list, it auto-capitalizes the first and last name). I guess now I think about it, this is not a feature that is needed per se. It still would be incredible if they do add it to later versions of the app, and as I said, would be greatly appreciated by a few people. In any case, I'm not hoping for much anyway, I just thought that this would be worth suggesting. If this still is not clear enough, I'm sorry I couldn't express myself better! Jeremy
  3. Hello, I just recently bought the full version of this app because it's completely worth it. I like to edit track info a lot, especially when I buy singles instead of a complete album. Some tracks have long titles and for me it looks weird when some of the words in the title are not capitalized for some reason. It's a small tweak but I'm sure it would be greatly appreciated by the users who feel the same as me. This app is perfect as it is, I just wish that this feature was there too. Jeremy
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