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    Thanks. Comes close to what I have in mind. Close, but not exactly the thing. Still unavailable is: all the albums of one artist side by side in chronological order. (All these things I am talking about here were easily available in Poweramp v2! 😌) By the way: I would like to change the order of the options (or delete some) in that list behind the album art. Without scrollig. To go immediately to "Artist" is more relevant than "Songtext" or "Tags" - at least for me.
  2. vAmp


    Thanks. But the idea is not productive. Sure, I can click and tap trough "Artists"-list or "Album"-list respectively. Normal scroll function. Takes me some minutes. That's everything but a shortcut.
  3. How can I - while playing a song from an album of an artist go to an overview/list of all the albums of this very artist? (The most intuitivething would be a long pressure on hte artist's name - doesn't work). - while playing a song from an album of an artist go to a list of all the songs (from all albums) of this artist?
  4. Is it possible to install PA v2 and v3 side by side? And use them alternatively?
  5. Haha, that's not a bug, it's a feature.
  6. That's what I call a list! Now I am happy - and back to PA v2
  7. Would be my wish too. Or to be able to get rid of album covers completely in lists. Like in PA v2.
  8. Yes. but that doesn't make any difference to the list issues I am discussing. The skin is "skin minimalist dark" by Andrew G. (thanks!) I like "square corners" and "Seekbar" instead of "Waveseek"
  9. It is not a tablet, it's a mobile phone from Samsung. To the 2nd screen: I tried all the options (at least I think so). A hint would be appriciated. What I want is: select "Artist" and see a list of his / her albums (neatly sorted from old to recent) then tap on a specific album (cover) and this should be played from 1st song to the last. Too much requested? I think no. I had it once. With a great app called "Poweramp".
  10. That's the next screen I see after I tapped on "Alberta Cross". Completely ludicrous. In Poweramp v2 I had all the album covers by "Alberta Cross" side by side and could choose which one I want to hear.
  11. My "list" in landscape modus. I see black By the way: it is not the last album (cover) by an artist, that is shown. It is the oldest!
  12. In Poweramp v2 I had very compact (text only) lists - of artists (bands, groups, singer whatever) for instance. Every name in a line, one line directly beneath the former. In a few seconds I could scroll with my right thumb through an alphabetical list of 400 names. Now - because of the mini album cover - every name has a distance of exactly 2,5 cm from the next. Where before I could see 30 to 40 names on the screen at once I now detect only 5. I am focused on the names of the group in this case. If I am seeking an album I'd like to see the cover. This is something else. So please: give as options! Let the users choose, if s/he wants names (only text) or album covers (picture plus album title).
  13. I would like to see lists as lists. Text only. Without those silly stamp-sized album pics.  If I have a list of album songs, I see 13 times the album pic in a row. Super infomative.
  14. I would like to see lists as lists. Text only. Without those silly stamp-sized album pics.
  15. How can I swipe to NEXT album? Why are there so many buttons I don't need and therefore don't wanna see? The screen is cluttered with - for me - useless buttons and icons.
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