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  1. wow thx Max looks awesome, hi-ress works but with snapdragon820 still not with built in DAC of axion 7 (on android 7.1) But still beter than before. thanks again and looking forward for the updates
  2. Hi andrewilley, would you, by any chance, have received an approximate release date of the beta version from Max ? regards
  3. Hi, first of all thanks for the great work. Do you have by any chance some news about a new release ? and also do you know if there will be support of the DAC in the ZTE axon7 ? thanks in advance
  4. Hi. I installed the 704 on my axon7 and it's a real upgrade. But why does it shows me the Snapdragon 820 unstead of the built in DAC ? As it's a 32bit and not a 24?
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