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  1. Ok, I understand, i lost my buy with Poweramp, ill checked in another device with google services and no register my email for not be gmail (protonmail)... ni modo. Max help me changing my email for protonmail and nothing.. should not link Poweramp with email device. Only with send email and ID and ist all, no all these problems, en fin. Thanks 

  2. Helio, I buyed Poweramp, but, change my smartphone for one without google playstore, google account (vulcan), only have 1mobile market, when i want register my Poweramp with ID, i ser message: "account google ist no register in this device". too when use my Poweramp ley, say: the ley ist bad, please reinstall... and neither work.  I want know what i need for register poweramp :( 

    Sorry for my bad englisch

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