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  1. Thanks for the option to move the Album Name/Song and Artist Name below the album art cover. I'm falling in love all over again with the new IU. I also removed my 3rd party IU from the app
  2. Guess we old school users are S.O.L since most users out poll us 3 to 1 😢
  3. I'll have whatever tel33 and woodenlung are having. The new IU is not doing it for me. It does appear to be a hodge podge of button, symbols that's in the way. I am a paid user but I've switched over to Gonemad. I do come by here every once and a while to see if the dev have given us a semblance of the old IU
  4. I don't like the new IU either!!! Since some people have resorted to name calling of the people who have a different opinion, I'll beat you to it and call myself a reprobated, unprincipled degenerate. Yes I'm a 4 year- paid user, so I am entitled to an opinion, I guess. I have Poweramp and Gonemad, so I'll go with Gone until I learn to love Power again. p.s., this is my first post because I haven't had a reason to post before now
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