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  1. is your headphones fault, if it hasn't aptx, aptHD or LDAC is using sbc which is low quality and low energy consumption codec
  2. it happens also with mp3 files, when you have a big library (1000+ files), when i add new music i have to fully rescan all my folders 4-5 times until it gets the tags for all new added songs, yeah sometimes it can be really annoying, i hope max will fix this in the next beta, i used to think is because of the low reading speed of my sd card but i switched to an sdxc UHS-I, and the problem is still there
  3. I know it has nothing to do with this thread or PA in general, but you need a bigger status bar ???
  4. So that is why Poweramp development took so long, Max was working on space-time traveling too ??
  5. 2 thirds of the month has passed, but does not really matter for me alpha build is working fine on my device runing 8.0, except hi-res, i only hope that beta version will be released before i will recieve 8.1 update, if not, i will be forced to buy another player
  6. I use musicbee too, best player for windows i could found, i am using it since winamp has fallen
  7. I agree that the ui was not that necessary for you, but Poweramp is a product, which has to appeal new customers too, and no many new people will buy it with the old ui. And your artwok problem i think it has a fix, try these settings
  8. After all this time waiting can you really blame us ??, and my comment was more about how andre kept control over this forum filled with pissed off people
  9. what are you talking about Poweramp v2 and v3aplpha are fuctional and this is the most intuitive interface i ever used in a player, the only downside on using PA right now is lack for hi-res audio support on oreo, but is not that big of a deal for me, from my 1500+ music library only around 200 songs are 24bit or higher, maybe 500 or so of 16bit flacs and the rest are m4a or mp3
  10. I didn't even knew that the weknd is releasing a new album, thanks for the news, I hope a flac version will be available too
  11. Does anyone noticing that music sometimes cracks on alpha build, once at 20-30 min, or is just me, audio output is on opensl es, it doesn't happen on audiotrack, but on audio track it doesn't sound that good
  12. Try to delete all Poweramp data, reinstall the app if you didn't do it already, if after that is not working you have to wait for the beta release next month, and do not restore backup settings when you reinstall the app
  13. Yes will be found faster, but for the dev is not that easy to receive bug reports from thousands of people, is easier to work with less people, like 100- 200 persons.
  14. Either way if someone is not in the beta program i think it could be able to sideload the apk from somewhere else
  15. After all this time that has passed i came down to this, either Max has lost his interest in this and he dropped the project or, if he is really working on it, it is gonna be a finished, Apple like, " you have to like it how it is" product. Since he keeps all the progress secret
  16. It happens to me too sometimes at the middle of the song, sometimes after 2-3 seconds after i press play,it is really annoying. The device is Huawei P8
  17. Till pa will be released material design will be absolete, and a new full build will be required, soooo the only reason i check this forum is for funny comments
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