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  1. Great feature! It would be better if we can set a target BPM and adjust playback speed/generate a playlist on the fly to match the BPM. To me, the only scenario that I would want to change the tempo is to match my cadence of cycling, and that's more than half the time of playing music from a smartphone for me. Kind of like RockMyRun or Spring, but works with a local music library.
  2. Thank you Andre! This skin does have the option to remove rounded corners ------ not only for album art , but for all UI elements including buttons ------ which is kind of weird. IMO it would be better if we can have album art without rounded corners for the very refined built-in skins. Since album art is art, just like music content, personally I'd prefer to keep it as original and high quality (fancy bitmap resamplers?) as possible. Thanks!
  3. In case Max needs some field test for high-res support on new devices, we'd love to be guinea pigs It doesn't have to be a full fledge player, just an ugly test apk with a single "test" button and built-in signal would do.
  4. That depends, a complex UI is…well…complex. And Poweramp has a fairly complex UI for a mobile app. UI is typically the most difficult & labour intensive part for a rich UI application, if you've ever worked on a project with a powerful UI, like content creation tools, you'll know how difficult it is.
  5. Agree, maybe Max already factored some improvements you mentioned into the new UI, and laying the foundation to expand. It took so long because great things take time.
  6. Personally I don't think that poll is valid, since all the choices are bad and it doesn't have open options, plus most users have no idea how much work it take to change UI completely. It's like people going to a restaruant, having to choose from a menu all of bad dishes, with no prices listed. It doesn't reflect the preference of user. Looking at the excellent track record of Poweramp, actually I don't think the poll is even needed. Max knows what to do perfectly, he knows it better than most users, just follow his heart would be fine. Well, maybe Max thinks the legacy code doesn't smell nice and wanted to do a better rebuild, that would be a good reason. Voting result is not.
  7. Sorry, My mistake, Hi-Silicon Hi6402 does support hi-res playback!
  8. Huawei devices do not support hi-res output for now. Hi6402 does support hi-res playback.
  9. As of incremental features, some ideas of mine: 0. Automatic sample rate for high-res path, that is auto select target sample rate based on content, and fallback to a pre-defined sample rate like it is now in case the playback fails, to avoid SRC as much as possible (SoX is a great resampler but no resampling is better still). bit depth can be fixed to 24bit though. 1. Add alphabetic index letters to long lists, to navigate faster. 2. Use of back button: go back to previous list from player UI (now it's back to launcher) go back to launcher from top level list for each category, eg. album list, all songs list, folder list, etc. and remember which category the user was using. I found this interaction more intuitive, and more consistant with 1st party apps like Google Music, YouTube. 3. Make repeat mode and shuffle mode buttons smaller, I think they are not very frequently changed options, and their current size/location is too prone to mis-touch. Hope those personal ideas made some sense to a little degree...Thanks! BTW, Maybe we can start a thread to collect incremental feature wishes with open questions? and ask users to rate the value of each wish to them, in unit of dedicated time to wait for that feature. I guess some people choose material design thinking that as an easy minor change. for example, I would rate forementioned features as: [0] three months. [1] two weeks. [2] [3] one week. [material design] two weeks. I would happily sacrifice 1/2/3 altogether in exchange for some progress on 0.
  10. Sincere gratitude to Max, you are my hero! imho Poweramp is one of the 3 most marvellous music players ever made (the other two being foobar2000 on PC and rockbox as a ROM) Thank you Max!
  11. NONE of them. high quality playback path for more devices is my first pick. be it hi-res path, SRC-less offload path, or whatever, I'm sure the great devs at maxmp know them by heart. personally I brought Poweramp for 3 reasons: 1. the best format support on android. most players simply failed in this regard. 2. complete output customization capability, i mean playback paths/sample rates/volume control/buffer size/etc. various filters are a nice bonus but they are not essential and i actually don't care. 3. ability to manage huge collections by providing many ways to navigate them, and to customize things like sorting. most players are impossible to navigate hundreds of albums efficiently. if Poweramp keep on improving in those areas, even if I have to buy again to upgrade to a new version, I will buy the upgrade. and I will continue recommend Poweramp to other music lovers. if Poweramp cannot continue to lead competitors in one or two of those areas, even as I already have a license, I will try to find alternatives and probably switch. and I will persuade others to do the same.
  12. have you tested with alpha 704? (the latest version in play store is 703)
  13. 1. LG V20 (Korean SK telecom F800) 2. Android N 7.0, build NRD90M, stock ROM F800S10s 3. ESS ES9218. stock music player (as well as many generic music player apps) can playback 24bit files in DIRECT mode without SRC, dumpsys media.audio_flinger while playing 24/44 in stock player is attached. however 16bit files will be resampled to 16/48 in MIXER path with those players. Hi-Res option in Poweramp alpha 704 does show up, but doesn't work, always "Failed: Poweramp Hi-Res Exp Output" no matter which output sample rate or buffer size I choose. audio_policy.conf dumpsys_audio.txt dumpsys_media_audio_flinger.txt dumpsys_media_audio_policy.txt mixer_paths_tasha.xml build.prop
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