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  1. I have this bug where high resolution audio suddenly stops working on my phone, I didn't change any settings, it just suddenly stops working after inactivity and removing my headphones. After plugging in my headphones again high resolution audio output doesn't output any audio. Using goggle play music seems to output audio just fine. The only fix i can find is by removing the headphone jack and restarting my phone, which is cumbersome when I am traveling as turning the phone on and off requires battery power consumption. I hope this bug doesn't make it's way to the final version of Poweramp V3. Phone: Asus Zenfone 3 ZE552KL, Chipset: Qualcomm SD 625
  2. Not only that happens with Android Pie ROMs. I'm also having this issue with my Asus Zenfone 3 running with Android Oreo.
  3. Thanks for the reply Max, well mine doesn't work anymore since the update. When using the high resolution audio ouput and turning off the DVC, it just made the sound quality muffled and distorted with low volume. Although it is detected on Asus' Audio Wizard that its outputting 24bit audio. Then again no sound output with DVC on. (A quick note: Sometimes it does work well, Maybe there's a conflict between the audio engine) Anyways thanks for the Awesome Audio Player Max! ?
  4. Seems like I'm having a problem with audio output for v792-795. High resolution audio output doesn't work. I've tried turning off the DVC while high res output is active and that makes the music distorted and muffled. Also turning the DVC option while high resolution audio output is active and Poweramp doesn't output any audio via headphones. Max kindly help. I'm using v795. Asus Zenfone 3 ZE552KL Android Oreo SnapDragon 625 Thanks! (It was working well on Version 790)
  5. Yep, It's Asus' audio wizard. Sometimes it can cause distortion when not tuned properly. Reason why when its active, i just use the "Pure" sound mode xD. It can detect high resolution audio output and disables itself.
  6. After fiddling with the settings and installing the alpha-beta Version i finally got the high res audio working on my Zenfone 3. Finally that annoying sound distortion is gone! Glad the app is working flawlessly now! Thanks max (v793)
  7. Ok I've updated Poweramp to v792. The UI seems to be welcoming, Problem is the sound quality isn't. Before it sounded flawlessly on v790, but now after the update it sounded muddy, distorted, and has low volume output. Also idk for some reason that turning on DVC mutes the sound output. (No sound output for High Res audio) High Resolution Audio isn't working well Max, help. Before it was flawless. Phone: Asus Zenfone 3 ZE552KL SNAPDRAGON 625 Thanks for the update!
  8. Took me days to research and figure out the proper audio settings. Turns out Snapdragon 625 doesn't support aptx HD. Great now I'm stuck with one option hoping max could fix the high res output via wired headphones. It's the only way i can take advantage of having .flac files on my music folders. I think Asus didn't touch the audio config after updating to Android oreo, can't test it out untill high res audio works on Poweramp.
  9. I would run some tests after I get my time fiddling with some settings. If it turns out it's still on 16Bit output, then I have no choice but to wait and hope for the best. Ok did some tweaks on developer settings and all i can find is high res output for bluetooth headsets. Got used to listening songs via Wired headphones. Atleast heres Aptx HD as back up settings now. Thanks for the tip man. ?
  10. I can't just roll back to Android 6.0 when high res output is working, Can't trade the performance and battery optimization of Android 8.0 to Android 6. I'll stick to Poweramp due to high flexibility of the settings for Audio and Audio quality. Still hopeful we're gonna get the update soon.
  11. A few days ago I've updated my Zenfone 3 to Android Oreo and the setting for the High Res Audio has disappeared. The app works properly, then again i miss listening music via high res output. Wish Max good luck with his project and hopefully we'd be able to recieve the update sometime in the future.
  12. 24 Bit Audio Works well with my Asus ZENFONE 3 ZE552KL (Snapdragon 625)
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