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    Some thoughts on Library list sorting, and tags

    This is not only very elegant but also very powerful. Having hierarchical sorting and filtering options would make Poweramp even more impressive. Now there are some tags that are missing in the current options like BPM and filerate. With those included in your idea it would be crazy.
  2. Another bump for this feature, although I imagine it will be intensive to code.
  3. David Afonso

    Special skin for fitness instructor

    Hu huutsch, I'm also a musician and dance instructor. I might be also interested in co-financing or even invest my time in developing such an idea, mixing with some more of my own. Contact me at david.afonso@gmail.com
  4. David Afonso

    BPM from ID3

    This x100 also. I cannot stress how important this is. There is NO PLAYER in the market that has this feature and able to perform a folder list play. It is such a missing feature, that I have at least around 10 friends of mine asking if I know a software that does it, and I'm actually thinking of coding a simple folder player that does this. If Poweramp does not reply to this question, is there anyone out there interested in co-developing or helping to develop such a player? Contact me at david.afonso@gmail.com Cheers
  5. David Afonso

    Play Once setting for musicians and theatre use

    Another request for this feature. It's really import for me. It is the missing feature that is holding me back from purchasing. For those desperately looking for it, "Folder Music Player" has it. Super handy
  6. David Afonso

    single play mode

    Hi everyone, this request is an essential feature for me. I give music and dance classes and don't want to play more music after the song has ended. For those of you looking for such a feature, the "Music Folder Player" has that. Super useful.