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  1. I'm facing strange problem just purchased equalizer but if I turn my volume 75% + I get distortion how to fix this?
  2. I'm on Android 10, Poweramp (player) works great (eq/tone + direct HD + dvc + limit = no audio clipping/cracking with on ear headphones ) but if I use Poweramp equalizer with dvc + limit + compression with same headphones, I get audio distortion/cracking (taking output from Poweramp and YouTube music). I even turned everything off (eq, tone, limit, compression, dvc) still just turning on processing in Poweramp equalizer causes distortion, even tried reducing gain in compression still I get audio distortion, what should I do to fix it?
  3. Android 9 has a night mode (under developer settings) which acts similar to android 10s dark mode. Most apps (google's, Instagram, and others work with it)
  4. I was hoping to get android 9 and 10's dark mode support. Maybe scheduled dark - light mode. Or timed switiching between 2 themes?
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