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  1. Thank you for the beautiful update Max! Anyway, does anyone notice a degrade in sound quality? Now it give audible crackling noise especially in mid frequency. I notice that High Res support still active. However the change in Sound Quality is really noticable. Anyone else?
  2. LG V20 H918 Nougat 7.0 ESS Sabre Quad DAC I know this is already been posted. But will there be support for Hi Res for LG V20?
  3. In term of Sound Quality, Neutron maybe ONE OF the best. It definitely beat the JetAudio. But, the thing is, Poweramp is THE best.
  4. Hi Andre, the Google Play gave me the 703. Can you give me a suggestion how to install version 704? I cant find it inside the Poweramp app. In tje Play Store also said mine was the latest version.
  5. Hello, i have the s7 edge with exynos. The High Res outpus was flawless, but since updated to Nougat, it now only play with native android output. The sound also noticeably worse than before. Any opinion about this?
  6. Hi max, Could you please add Hi Res support for ZTE Axon 7? I see thats already several people asked for that too in this forum. 1. ZTE AXON 7 2. ANDROID 6.01 3. DAC: AKM4490+4491 I see that if i enable Hi Res in the current build, it is using the Snapdragon chipset DAC, not the AKM DAC. Can you please confirm this Max? Because ZTE claimed that the AKM DAC provide a better sound for headset. waiting for your answer. Cheers.
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