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  1. 11 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

    Unless there is some specific reason why not, I would turn DVC on. For Bluetooth output, that may mean disabling the Absolute Volume mode in Android Developer Options (you need to tick 'Disable Absolute Volume').


    Thanks, the specific reason was just about avoiding 2 seperate volume points, no problem i fiddled around and DVC does offer slightly better sound quality so ill be sticking to it😄

  2. Sorry if this might be a topic which is repeated , i saw articles on this but was unsure about how much benefit there is to have DVC on with two seperate volume points 


    My BT earphones are the Sennheiser CX 6.00's and a Oneplus 7 on Android 11 

    I do use the equalizer and have settings boosted very moderately with my highest being a 4 dB increase on the 31 sub bass frequency.


    I wanted to know if im missing substantial gain by keeping dvc off for Absolute Volume , or there might not be much of a difference with DVC being on and avoid the hassle of 2 volume points 

  3. So i have the latest beta installed on my Oneplus 7 which has a stereo speaker setup and active dolby atmos . The thing i noticed however was the sound does get a bit louder when i enable DVC for the Speaker on default opensl output and the USB dac on the HI-Res .. the sound has a decrease in clarity and some notes sound tinny all of a sudden...  The main question i have here is does DVC cause the issue and that i should probably keep it off .. or is it my equalizer setting which probably has been adjusted a little more aggressively? @maxmp @andrewilley

  4. On 10/6/2018 at 8:23 PM, invaderzim said:

    @gcantoni Can you please make a skin the same as the one below but instead of plain seekbar, use the wave seekbar?

    Also, remove the black box in the song  title, artist info, or make title bg adaptive to the background image blur. So when the bg is dark, make the title white, vice versa.


    I wonder how he will be able to fit a whole wavebar in this space constrained layout only way is to remove something altogether which i dont think is in terms with the v3 layout 

  5. Really love the material2 skin... But i just wanted that the wavebar style option be a seperate toggleable one instead of being bundled up with the alternative icons option... Hope you will implement it.. all in all a really great skin... Also in the indian playstore..  the Poweramp unlocker costs 65 bucks whereas the skins are for 85.. would love to have them at around the same or lower price?


  6. 8 hours ago, sztsam said:


    All thing is perfect now except one. 

    There is a huge memory leak problem. When you switch music every time, Poweramp consumes ~10mb of ram. After listening or switching few songs it can increase easily to 1 gb!!!  (Redmi note 5 pro 4/64, android 8.1 non rooted oem stable rom)


    I think that may be the probable reason fr the app crashing after playing 2-3 songs? Dunno just a guess . Ive already a report via mail

  7. 10 minutes ago, MTK said:

    Thanks for the update, less buggy from the small time on it (sick). Anyway PA still crashes when looking for album art for missing art or to update them. Also im on a galaxy 4, should I send reports or not.

    I too got occasional freezes after using fr some time ... needed to close the app to resolve it .. hope it gets fixed in the final one

  8. 24 minutes ago, Ajit Raj said:

    I have updated this build 795 1 hr ago and it has crushed more than 20 times.

    It's not a upgrade i think.

    it's a downgrade ?

    Please get back Hidden Rating/like option (which was available in pop-up bar)

    and how can i go back to build 793?



    Reinstall thw app.. and read thw discription at the start of this thread to fix ur second problem.. make sure to read descriptions before commenting that its a downgrade atleast?

  9. 3 hours ago, Gonzafed said:

    We are going in the right direction, here my observations:

    1. Poweramp has crashed 3 times in less than 5 minutes, this is the first time Poweramp crashes.

    2. The size of the counter and the information bar is very damn small its gonna make us blind, everything should at least have the size of the numbers counting the time.

    Also some buttons are very small, this makes eyes to get more tired, and some colors are very similar we cant see wich option is selected, the grays are like the same, the buttons should contast like the pro buttons with black and white.

    3. The shuffle(random) option still has problems, working good in playlists but not in folders hierachy.

    4. As we disable the like unlike buttons, we should be able of disable the name and album name in the albumart. We miss to see the album art without any contamination.

    5. Remaining time, per track, per album, per playlist would be the hit. (Knowing total time of playlist and songs in albums/folders. 

    More we can configure Poweramp in our own its the way to have us all happy, and its posible you can do it max youre s damn god.

    Your first point reinstall the app... Second point .. the sizes of buttons are fine no problems with thaat ... Anything more in size would make the ui cluttered

  10. 6 hours ago, NoPAForumAnymore said:

    Talk about jumpin on someones arse for saying something. This forum is the freaking worst. Talking about can't say anything at all without rude people. Get rude private messages and rude responses in threads. Time to leave it all to the rude people and give up. No more nice people at all in here. Just going to wait for updates on Google Play and leave this forum out of my mind. You call yourself cool for being a jerk, and you were the one that sent me the nasty message too. Andre he is just sending rude messages to people. This is no community at all, just gangsters trying to start fights. All you do is pay attention to starting fights, and that is all you do in this forum bud.

    Geez boy .. take some rest

  11. 1 hour ago, peeshow said:


    obviously you are another of those peoples writing nonsenses after reading just newspaper titles

    I don't get why are you concerned if you don't have any error report submitted. Just causing more ruckus here on the topic. And yes you may have  Paid 3 bucks but everyone here  has.. so its not a thing to cling by  ?

  12. 6 hours ago, moyu said:

    Well I think the overlaid word is no matter if they have some transparency and can also match the color of the album cover.

    BTW, we can see that if the dpi is low(aka display size=small), the layer is no matter because it is so small on screen.

    All I want is hi-res XD

    Yeah it kind of looks good the way it is and will be better if the above improvements are applied .. however i would like the option to a clutter free album art aswell

  13. 6 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    A lot of people in the main discussion thread for build 790 have been saying that they don't like the way that Title/Artist/Album text is currently overlaid in solid black boxes obscuring the lower-left of the album artwork. This occurs in both the main Player Screen and also in Grid View library lists. I thought a poll might be interesting to crystallise those views, and gauge what the overall userbase really thinks - maybe the majority are happy just the way it is?

    For clarity, we're talking about the black boxes containing the wording "Breakfast in America" and "The Very Best of Supertramp" in this sample image:


    This is not binding of course, but it'd be interesting to see the results.


    For me they just need some rounding and matching to the current theme however since many people want nothing cluttering their album art .. hence ive selected the 4th option

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