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  1. Thanks, the specific reason was just about avoiding 2 seperate volume points, no problem i fiddled around and DVC does offer slightly better sound quality so ill be sticking to it😄
  2. Sorry if this might be a topic which is repeated , i saw articles on this but was unsure about how much benefit there is to have DVC on with two seperate volume points My BT earphones are the Sennheiser CX 6.00's and a Oneplus 7 on Android 11 I do use the equalizer and have settings boosted very moderately with my highest being a 4 dB increase on the 31 sub bass frequency. I wanted to know if im missing substantial gain by keeping dvc off for Absolute Volume , or there might not be much of a difference with DVC being on and avoid the hassle of 2 volume points
  3. So i have the latest beta installed on my Oneplus 7 which has a stereo speaker setup and active dolby atmos . The thing i noticed however was the sound does get a bit louder when i enable DVC for the Speaker on default opensl output and the USB dac on the HI-Res .. the sound has a decrease in clarity and some notes sound tinny all of a sudden... The main question i have here is does DVC cause the issue and that i should probably keep it off .. or is it my equalizer setting which probably has been adjusted a little more aggressively? @maxmp @andrewilley
  4. looks like you resized the album arts on the now playing and menus ... Kinda looks cool now @maxmp
  5. Ohh yeah hope this skin also gets it .. even though it feels cluttered
  6. I wonder how he will be able to fit a whole wavebar in this space constrained layout only way is to remove something altogether which i dont think is in terms with the v3 layout
  7. Really love the material2 skin... But i just wanted that the wavebar style option be a seperate toggleable one instead of being bundled up with the alternative icons option... Hope you will implement it.. all in all a really great skin... Also in the indian playstore.. the Poweramp unlocker costs 65 bucks whereas the skins are for 85.. would love to have them at around the same or lower price?
  8. Yeah u figured it out right. The song is 3:11 . It's a wierd bug of the wavebar not being in sync with the song .. but still it is able to catch the highs and lows of the song correctly ?
  9. Does the song stop at 3:11? The issue is that the song doesn't actually end at 3:11 but rather at 3:24 while the wavebar is stuck at 3:11
  10. I re checked and this issue is prominent with most edm tracks.. or tracks which don't have a period of silence in the end .. here is a sample. The track actually ends at 3.24 as shown in the screenshot Hardwell & KAAZE - This Is Love (feat. Loren Allred).mp3
  11. The wavebar still doesnt get the correct track timing .. this bug is still persistent even though Poweramp plays the entire song the timing is wrong and also due to that the wavebar position. I hope you can fix this
  12. This looks like the sample skin.. it looks great ?. Cant wait fr more skins the possibilities are endless,?
  13. I think that may be the probable reason fr the app crashing after playing 2-3 songs? Dunno just a guess . Ive already a report via mail
  14. I too got occasional freezes after using fr some time ... needed to close the app to resolve it .. hope it gets fixed in the final one
  15. Reinstall thw app.. and read thw discription at the start of this thread to fix ur second problem.. make sure to read descriptions before commenting that its a downgrade atleast?
  16. Your first point reinstall the app... Second point .. the sizes of buttons are fine no problems with thaat ... Anything more in size would make the ui cluttered
  17. Definitely can say that the 795 has more headroom than the 793, much like the 790. The change felt slight or my ears were ringing otherwise ?
  18. Looking great @maxmp.. Really glad the orientation issue got fixed.. and to see the 5 star system back.. this is mostly ready for a stable release now ? Poweramp V3 final
  19. Well this comment ain't gonna fix the bug then bouy.. go to the hi res support page rather than deciding on whether max was acting for 2 yrs ?
  20. I don't get why are you concerned if you don't have any error report submitted. Just causing more ruckus here on the topic. And yes you may have Paid 3 bucks but everyone here has.. so its not a thing to cling by ?
  21. Yeah it kind of looks good the way it is and will be better if the above improvements are applied .. however i would like the option to a clutter free album art aswell
  22. For me they just need some rounding and matching to the current theme however since many people want nothing cluttering their album art .. hence ive selected the 4th option
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