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  1. I wrote about it earlier. Hi-Res is buggy and stops. Not once in a while but every time.
  2. Today i came back to 703 beta. 704 doesn't work with android 7.0 on my HTC 10. I don't have hi res output, but sound is still the best of all audio players.
  3. Nothing else changed on system, no update or something else. It happens with high res mode.
  4. Today my Poweramp beta is completely crazy. When i plug in my headphones and play, Poweramp doesn't play sound with headphones but with external speaker
  5. I installed 704 over 703 and app doesn't work. EDIT: So...i unistalled 704 from my HTC, i left only key to paid version. Then i install 704 version from our forum, and....still doesn't work This bug appears when i try to fast forward some track or when i try to switch to the next track.
  6. and what's next? Install without normal version from Google Play?
  7. I'm not using Boom Sound, but i will try with DVC settings off. I turn off DVC Settings and it doesn't help. So how to get 704 version directly after standard version from Google Play Store. I'm in beta but if i try to update there is only 703 version?
  8. Hi. Few days ago i sold my LG V10 and yesterday i bought HTC 10. Today i install Poweramp beta 703, but i could not find HiRes options. I have read that i need beta version 704 for android 7.0 Nougat. So i downloaded this version. I dunno why, but it doesn't works. Here is screenshot: Any ideas?
  9. I try to clean...but it is still doesn't help. Maybee the problem is because mu album covers are downloaded from internet?
  10. Thanks. I found solution. I was on "use the cover of the disc." As it turned off it is OK. Edit. However, doesn't work. Sometimes i see album art, sometimes it disappear during playback. If i start to play i do not see album art. I have to skip to another song and then album art appears.
  11. I did it but then i see only black screen, there is no album cover during playback.
  12. Hi, how to set album cover was visible all the time during playback like with Neutron player? Poweramp Beta
  13. Hello. - I have one question about beta version od Poweramp. How to set to use Sabre DAC in my LG V10?
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