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  1. Poweramp alpha-build-703-play [MIUI 8 7.1.20][Android 6.0.1][Xiaomi 4] It is a cue track problem. When one song finished, the next song start playing, all information on the main screen still remains the last song, and does not change even another song comes. Remind that I turned on shuffle music. And I had add cue files to my playlist. Please fix this as soon as possible!
  2. Let's introduce the new feature - In Hand Mode!! Actually it just locks out all the buttons and switches on the screen. It is better if the physical buttons are locked as well (such as home button & lock button). This feature allows you to handle the phone without false touching when the screen is on. It will also be cool if you turn on some virtualizations. Think about that, you've got a cool virtulization and you can hold your phone with the screen is on. And your friends can see your cool animation when you play music with your Earpods... It should work really w
  3. Please add option that allows user to change status bar appearence so I can change the background to transparent for a better virtualization experience. (Think about that when you use present 158 and you can feel the player's UI is combined with your phone's surface. And there is time and status icon embedded which is really great! ) Can we actually change the color of texts on the status bar?? Just for preventing misunderstanding, remind that I am not talking about notifications.
  4. I hope there is an "HQ Mode" in Poweramp which gives you a switch to turn on over sampling rate mode and high quality sound renders. If possible, please upgrade the equalizer to higher sampling rate and bit depth. Such as: 96000Hz and 24bit. If possible, I am happy to see the 192000Hz and 32bit float equalizer!! Please add an option to the equalizer which allows you to select the sampling rate and bit depth(they are independent, which means you can adjust both sampling rate and bit depth separatly). I have tried the 96000Hz on my desktop and it actually did enhance the sound quality
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