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  1. On 4/5/2016 at 10:25 AM, maxmp said:

    Your device supports Hi-Res audio _output_* (at least 24bit, at least 96khz sampling rate), but Poweramp v3.0 alpha doesn't support it?
    Request the support here!

    Please provide (requests without these items will be deleted):

    1. Device model
    2. ROM version (Android version, stock/OTA/Custom ROM)
    3. Why do you think your device supports Hi-Res (link to device features, etc.)? A copy of your device's /etc/audio_policy.conf file may be helpful. [Edit: on some devices this can be found in /vendor/etc/ or /system/etc/ instead]

    Please note, this is for Hi-Res output requests, just playback (with resampling) of hi-res audio is already implemented by Poweramp v2.0 for all devices/ROMs.

    Hi. Can you add support for Galaxy S9 and S9+ (G9600 and G9650 both with Snapdragon 845)?

    Here the files (audio_policy_configuration.xml, USB and a2dp.)

    Many thanks! 


    Qualcomm WCD9341 codec (i can't find the datasheet): https://www.qualcomm.com/products/wcd9341

    EDIT: added audio_output_policy_conf. 😉



  2. Hey folks! First, sorry for my sh** english. Here we go! :P

    I started to tweak a bit more with equalization, but I noticed that even though you have more options than the rest of the equalizers available for Android, there are still several options left in the Poweramp equalizer.

    More bands. The default equalizer has the basic bands, which are 10 in total. With the high-resolution audio option, a few more adjustments to the equalizer are required and this requires more bands available for setup as there are headphones that require a more refined fit. How about 31-band equalizer? A variable equalizer would also be welcome.

    Look this example:


    2° Show the current decibels of each band. One of the main options that must be mandatory in an equalizer, does not exist in Poweramp. There is simply no way to guess how many decibels were added or taken in each band.

    3° An equalizer graphic. I do not know if there would be any way to deploy this in the current interface (you may need to make a new interface for the equalizer).

    Here a example:


    Well, these are some suggestions I have at the moment to improve the equalizer. I hope you can understand what I wrote. Many thanks! ;)

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