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  1. Finnaly I can get 24bit 192Khz on my S9+ G9650 with Pie. Disabled DVC in everything and set OpenSL only to bluetooth, others and speaker. In high-resolution output I set USB DAC and wired insert/AUX. Select 192Khz and voilà!
  2. Houston, we have a problem here. rsrsrs Galaxy S9+ SM-G9650 with Android Pie. Only 16-bit and 48KHz with the last update.
  3. Hi. Can you add support for Galaxy S9 and S9+ (G9600 and G9650 both with Snapdragon 845)? Here the files (audio_policy_configuration.xml, USB and a2dp.) Many thanks! Qualcomm WCD9341 codec (i can't find the datasheet): https://www.qualcomm.com/products/wcd9341 EDIT: added audio_output_policy_conf. 😉 files_g9650.zip audio_output_policy.conf.zip
  4. Hey folks! First, sorry for my sh** english. Here we go! I started to tweak a bit more with equalization, but I noticed that even though you have more options than the rest of the equalizers available for Android, there are still several options left in the Poweramp equalizer. 1° More bands. The default equalizer has the basic bands, which are 10 in total. With the high-resolution audio option, a few more adjustments to the equalizer are required and this requires more bands available for setup as there are headphones that require a more refined fit. How about 31-band equalizer? A var
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