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  1. @andrewilley@maxmp Ok i could be the shutdown but : 1. as you wrote i can not get a log 2. both Headunits (my : Erisin, my Freinds : xtron) are to old and in the support forums for that two models there is no intent to find. By the way - i dont have programming skills in Android and can not change any of code. The only thing i have control over is that shutdowntime that i already set at his highest level. And again : Now (that was install by my friends Unit) that i have figured out that the test Version work fine and dont have that issue
  2. Hi, yesterday evening my friend reported me - He let his ignition key over night and the following day in aktivation position and let the Headunit on over night and day and the other Night using the home wlan to let the Headunit be on Internet for all the time. Poweramp reported aktivation succesful and licence stored. On Tuesday he drove to work with the car and V3 worked fine (shows still aktivated) - without Internet conection because of the lag of lte or 4g in our area. At home this evening he reconnected to the home Wlan. On wednesday morning V3 worked
  3. An Update : i installed the V3 Free Trail version on the Headunit my friend have an Monday this week, he reported me yesterday that its work fine without any issues. I will deinstall it today and install the fullversion with the unlocker V3 to check how it will work over the period of 3 days. After that i will post here that he will report me. For me - i will use V2 untill he tells me that it will work on his car now - if its not working we both stay with V2 or look for another good Android Musicplayer.
  4. @andrewilleyand MotleyG Yes i install the Headunit by myself. I work on a car repairshop and do this very often. This car is a Fiat Bravo MK2 from 2008 and the electronic in this car is like in most italien cars very sensitiv so i must wired it by bypassing the Cars useuall Car stereo wiring prozess because otherwise the Obd 2 System shows many Errors. You are right - the Car headunit gets everytime power on both 12+ Cables , but this Headunit does the follwing by pressing the Powerbutton : It shut down like a Smartphone if you power it compleytly
  5. @andrewilley i wrote : Also : 12v Ignition is connected to 12 v permanet, and power for memory is also connected to 12 v permanently like in the Cars of the 80 years That means : this is the wiring diagram - its this setup that allow to manually turn the Headunit on / off without the Ignition Key - the normal setting is (label on wire from headunit Ignition to car igniton, and memory 12 v to permanent 12v) I set it up : label on wire from headunit Ignition to permanent 12v, and memory 12 v to permanent 12v I forgot in the earlyer post to add the line
  6. @maxmp Ok - i give up - i use now the V2 Version in my car but i must say that none of the other 23 Apps have Problems with that device and there be things like tourqe pro etc. that also store license Information as well. i hoped that there be the oportunity to test it with a full Version that have no check to test. Now i will install the Trial Version on the Device my friend have and he can look how it behave in the next 5 Days. @andrewilley: That you say make sence but i shout the Headunit down by pressing the Powerbutton on the Headunit and hav
  7. Because it behave like the non rigistred free Version (dont remember last song etc.) under info it shows license check faild (after 3 or more days with the Headunit turned off - on the first and second day the license is present and it shows the " no checks needed - permanently store" as you says. You can belive me - the Headunit have a problem with the app activation prozess - i do nothing wrong. All Installation and checking the license is right - it is the activation, storing it on the device or something other in the App V3 itself that confuses the Headunit so it w
  8. @ andrewilley That can be a thing and i dont know what kind of code they use in this China Headunits ... @ maxmp Then i install both V3 and the unlocker and let the system check it online and turn Poweramp on within 24 hours it says so - thats right - that routine that you discribe is exectly that i did - i tried even with the Headunit bulit out of the car and set it up over to a 12 Power supply and let it on for 48 hours with Internet on over my home W-lan. It stores it and if i built the unit in the Car again it works. BUT - if i let the Headunit in
  9. I hope he will make this option possible. if its not a routine thing why does the V2 work without any problems ? All other apps on this Headunit (even the newest) run without any problems this kind. And as i said another people have this problem too. if he will agree too such a "special" Version he will make a lot of customers happy and instead of given as support that standard answer (V3 checks during 24 h. and never again) he can give this version out for this people to try it out. And another thing - i think this kind of version may be existing already (th
  10. Hallo andrewilley, i know - as i wrote, i dont now how Headunit handle apps after deep sleep. this is not part of a installed rom - it is "in the Bios" of the Headunit. The Question is still - that is the difference between the Aktivation Process,storing the aktivation File und handeling after reboot or something - as it seems to afect some Smartfons either. It must be a difference there between V2 and V3 that causes the Problem. If it is not so - why the V2 is working without the Problem ? And as its seems the other People in Playstore reporting this
  11. Hello Maxmp, yes i know - the support team wrote me the same thing. But : Lets pretend while the deep sleep or Loop Reset of the Headunit clears the app Data - what can i do ? Is there a way to overcome this issue ? And then not - why the Version 2 works ? As i wrote befor - there must be a bug that causes this because the old Version has not such a Problem. As the V3 is a complety new Program - is the License handling in Poweramp V2 and V3 different or the same ? And as wrote earlier - on the Playstore under "Ratings" for the App there are s
  12. Thanks for the quick repley, i tried it with the standart Rom a well - the same Error. You write "Device Reset" - i think that is point - perhaps the Reset of a Headunit differs sligtly from a standart Phone ? The question is why the V2 does have not this Problem ? Ok - i try too write this Issue to the Support Thanks !
  13. Hi, The Hardware is : Car Headunit Erisin with Android 5.0.1 and Custom Rom Malaysk V13 with Google Play installed. I bought Years ago the Version 2 of Poweramp that workt fine and tried several times over the last two Years to intsall the Version 3 with the Unlocker for V3 from the Google Playstore. The last Version i tried was the V 893 but with all the Versions of V3 i treid i get this Bug : Deinstalatin v2 and Unlocker v2 - ok Installation V3 und Unlocker V3 - ok Installed Version 3 run and is aktivated. Licence check after 24
  14. I mean on tapping on them - i dont use Bluetooth and no Headphone. Shuffel is not enabled
  15. Hi, can someone tell me if it is normal that the Buttons <<< >>> have no function ? The Buttons << and >> are one Song forward and one Back, Play and Pause also have funktion but the <<< >>> are doing nothing (tested on Car Android Radio, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Acepad). I have switched nearly everything under Settings eg. Lock screen but they still have no function. thanks
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