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  1. Well, now that you have so kindly explained to me the way this app operates, there is no problem. In fact, this memory/last session status, I think it a very positive feature. -thx!
  2. thx Andre - quick follow-on question. Before you're reply, I paused the playing track and hit the home button. Later I did a hard shutdown of the device. Imagine my surprise the next morning when I turn on the device press the app icon and see that the track is still in pause mode. How do I turn the app 'OFF'? When I pause the track and hit the 'Home' button I think the app is still running because I see the little 'pause' icon on the upper-left of the phone. I am concerned that this is contributing to the drain of the battery. Why is there no exit/quit app method?
  3. Newbie question #2 - Search has revealed there is no 'QUIT / EXIT' the app button. ... to simply stop playback and hit the device 'Home' button. OK, but how do I "STOP" playback? I can only see a 'pause' (II) button, stop buttons are typically a square graphic and I cannot find. -thx
  4. Please forgive newbie question. My album art is embedded. When I play a track the art momentarily displays and then is replaced by a bar graph/spectrum-type animation. If I press pause the animation disappears and album art re-appears. Is there a way to permanently display the art while the song is playing? I have un-checked the settings>visualization boxes thinking it would do what I want, but no. -thx
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