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  1. On 9/17/2018 at 7:29 AM, maxmp said:



    RC Build 797:
    • slightly increased selected item contrast
    • fixed crash on category change
    • fixed lockscreen not always appearing
    • Folders Hierarchy is now always enabled by default
    • widgets now should survive reboots better
    • fixed constant reloads (flashing) on Android 7-
    • fixed few crashes due to the translations
    • fixed Enqueue and stay in the list option
    • improved BT/headset keys support for Hi-Res audio output on Android 8+
    • removed Send Album - Artist with Metachanged Title option, as it doesn't work for new Androids anyway
    • clear action for Recently Added / Recently Played / Most Played
    • app icon (launcher) shortcuts (Android 7+)
    • few other bug fixes and small improvements




    Still, MusicFx button not working. Long pressing on it, Crashing it. Combination of MusicFx+Poweramp Equilizer+Headphones and Effects of Xiaomi gives great bass and clarity for my earphones. Please work on that first. I am missing that very much.

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