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  1. I don't care about the user interface much at all. I just want a music player that will use the ESS Sabre DAC on my LG V20 to it's potential and NO player does. I was told that this player soon would. It seems that is not to be.
  2. The 704 build does NOT see the Sabre DAC on the LG V20 contrary to what others have reported. If this is incorrect, please send me the settings and screen shot showing anything other than Snapdragon DAC in use in the application. Thanks.
  3. I would be happy to contribute money to the project to get this product to fully utilize the ESS Sabre DAC in the LG V20. It does not work with it.
  4. This still does not make full use of the Sabre DAC on the V20. No native DSD support no support for PCM>192khz Any idea of when the Sabre DAC in the LG V20 will be supported?
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