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  1. ManOnTheMoon

    Progress bar on the home screen

    Is there a way to replace the wave bar with a standard progress bar?
  2. ManOnTheMoon

    Shuffle lock

    It would be great if there was a way to lock all the buttons on the screen. I don't know how many times I am exercising and I have the perfect playlist going and then I accidentally bump the screen in some way and it totally messed up my list.
  3. ManOnTheMoon

    Cover art and Bluetooth

    I'm having the same issues with my phone and car. How can I get the cover art to always display?
  4. ManOnTheMoon

    Shuffling the queue

    Let's say I add 100 songs to my queue. I then push the shuffle button. All 100 songs play, then the queue is exited and all the songs on my device play. How can I get Poweramp to stop playing after the 100 songs in my queue are played? I just want to shuffle the 100 songs in my queue then stop. Thank you! 😀
  5. ManOnTheMoon

    Bookmark long track

    I have a podcast that's three hours long. Every time I open it I have to painfully scroll to where I last listened to it. Is there a way to place a bookmark so I can easily find my plac
  6. ManOnTheMoon

    Bookmark long track

    Thank you! It works brilliantly! (Just like the rest of the app :)
  7. ManOnTheMoon

    Android Auto Support

    Please add support for Android Auto.! Thanks, Peter
  8. Hi Everyone! I created a playlist in WMP and hooked up my phone to the computer and synched the playlist to my phone. When I open Poweramp, the playlist does not show up, but all of the tracks do. When I open the WMP playlist in Notepad I see that it uses absolute file paths, hence I can see why Poweramp can't read or use it. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can create a playlist that will synch to my Android and become available in Poweramp? Thank you for your help!!