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  1. Installed on V20. Seems to work OK. Only a couple of problems noticed: 1. Dark mode only affects settings; album or song list still remain in light mode; 2. Widget buttons work however pressing on the song name which normally brings you to the app and song list no longer works. Tapping the song currently playing in the widget does nothing.
  2. Tried some google searches but didn't get a definitive answer as to the SQ differences between using OpenSL ES or Audiotrack. Can anyone please explain?
  3. I'll try the reformatting suggestion but doubtful it would work. This is a new LG V20 and the 120gb card used was also freshly formatted in the phone during initial setup with music files being copied to it afterwards. I believe I had similar issues in the past on my Note 4 and the stable release of PA, but using the cut silence feature took care of the problem. Thanks, James
  4. Hi Andre, Wanted to run something by you. I'm having issues with gapless playback only when the screen is off. I've reduced the sub-second gap a little by playing with the buffer sizes, but it hasn't completely rid the issue. Strange thing is, gapless seems to work fine if I have the screen on and PA is active. If I turn the screen off, the slight gap returns. I've also fiddled around with the wakelock and keep alive options to no avail. Any thoughts on ideal buffer size to use? Presently have the preset at huge, but I've tried everything from small to custom with 100ms buffer and all 8 DSP buffers active. Music source is external SD class 10 UHC card and audio files are all FLAC. Really hoping Max brings back the cut silence option in the next release.
  5. My music will randomly pause as well. This has happened since Android 5 days, and I'm now on Nougat running Alpha 703. The pauses also occur with other music players so it's not Poweramp. I think there's an app somewhere that's killing audio focus, but I haven't been able to track it down. Sometimes for instance, music will pause after a notification. In PA, I have it set to duck when a notification happens. I notice with 703 that it works about 60% of the time. Audio will duck in volume and then return; other times the audio will just pause. Like I said though, this behavior is across the board and not limited to PA. I've tried whitelisting it with Android's power saving features but that didn't work. It's very annoying to say the least.
  6. Maybe I'm missing something then because when I click the link for 704 in the first post in this thread, it brings me to the same file for 703: Poweramp-alpha-build-703-uni.apk 703/704 EDIT: Never mind! I must be dense... clicked the D/L link and it gave me two options with one of them being 704. My apologies.
  7. Thanks for the updates Andre. I'll check back again in a few months. BTW, on Head-Fi, there was mention of an alpha 704 build that did have hi-res support for the V20; or at least it functioned from what I've read. I've looked on the forums and can't find any trace of the 704 build. Was it pulled and if so, is there a way I can d/l a copy just to test on my phone?
  8. Andre, I hate to ask because I'm sure it's been done a bajillion times already - but is there a timeline you can share with us regarding any new releases? Specifically, I'm waiting for hi-res support for the LG V20. I'm even willing to buy the app gain just to have that capability.
  9. Until the next iteration of PA is released with LG V20 support, is there any way to disable the resampler? It's taking my 24bit/96KHz and 192KHz FLAC files and resampling the audio down to 48KHz even though the ESS quad dac is capable of ouputing natively?
  10. Is it possible to change the export settings in PA to use the external SD card rather than built-in memory? I ask because if the phone needs to be factory reset, how can I restore exported settings if the internal memory is wiped clean? Of course, I could always email the file to myself before doing so, but it's not a very convenient way of doing things.
  11. No, I don't experience any issues when the screen is locked and off. I do notice some strange random pauses or skips when multitasking or switching through different apps. The pause duration is very short though. Tweaking the app priority or buffer size doesn't really help. I've also experienced Poweramp sometimes pausing entirely on its own, but that behavior has been present on my Note 4 and Android 6.1 with the stable release, and also now my LG V20 with Nougat. It happens with both wired and BT headphones. I believe it might be due to an app, or perhaps the always on mic picks up something that causes Poweramp to pause.
  12. Hi Andre, That option doesn't exist on my phone. I did some searching around the forums and it seems the LG V20 hasn't been included in the list of phones yet. Hopefully it will be soon. Thanks for replying.
  13. One more for the LG V20 - 1. LG V20 2. Android 7.0 3. ES9218 Quad 32-bit stereo DAC
  14. Running build 703 on an LG V20 (7.0 Nougat). I don't see an option to enable Hi-Res. Where is it?
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