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  1. Installed on V20. Seems to work OK. Only a couple of problems noticed: 1. Dark mode only affects settings; album or song list still remain in light mode; 2. Widget buttons work however pressing on the song name which normally brings you to the app and song list no longer works. Tapping the song currently playing in the widget does nothing.
  2. Hi Andre, That option doesn't exist on my phone. I did some searching around the forums and it seems the LG V20 hasn't been included in the list of phones yet. Hopefully it will be soon. Thanks for replying.
  3. One more for the LG V20 - 1. LG V20 2. Android 7.0 3. ES9218 Quad 32-bit stereo DAC
  4. Running build 703 on an LG V20 (7.0 Nougat). I don't see an option to enable Hi-Res. Where is it?
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