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    [709] A Song disappeared from my collection

    Oh okay, there are other files in the folder that has been added to the library without any problem Edit : The audio file was considered 1 second long and because of my settings, wasn't shown in my library, but I disabled the short music hiding setting and played the song once and it went back to normal, thanks for helping!
  2. Realiitysme

    [709] A Song disappeared from my collection

    The tags are what they're supposed to be, at least for the song title, artist name etc. And I can't add the song in a Playlist or delete it
  3. Hi! I wanted to listen to a specific song today and I saw that it wasn't here even though the folder was included and the mp3 file was still in the folder, I can open it from my files explorer but it doesn't show in the collection, I don't know if it's a bug or if I made something wrong ? if anyone know how to fix this It would be great