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  1. Hey ... anyone there trying to deal with this? It's shown up at Reddit, too, and the answer really does appear to be that GOOG has killed M#U files: https://www.reddit.com/r/GooglePixel/comments/5i5g10/google_killed_m3u_playlists_what_do_i_do_now/
  2. UNLESS there's really something in Nougat or Pixel that makes it incompatible. This latest "one line works" thing calls even that into question, but not conclusively. I find the inconsistency to be the most troubling part.
  3. Not a surprise pre-this-phone, Andre; it always "just worked" for me too. Remember the issue is this whole "is it Nougat or is it Pixel?" question; one of them is/may be incompatible with the idea of files like M3Us with lists/pointers; if the security schema has changed that wouldn't REALLY be a surprise, right? But the fact that it is reading the first entry (and then stopping) suggests that SOMETHING is right about the first entry and then wrong with the rest of the way they are formatted. Like I said; good news/bad news. This is unbelievable.
  4. GOT IT ! (no, not really, but I have a clue): Look at the attached. Starting at the Music folder, with no references to higher/root/fake root/whatever in the file structure, the attached now has ONE SONG in it (which is better than zero, eh?). That's the good news. The bad news is that with or without the <hard return></blank line> between each entry (initially it was without, so I tried with), it's reading ONE song, not twenty-five. Also (and we can see this as good news OR bad): whether I keep the Windows-generated "\" backslash characters, or replace them with the Android "/" forward-slash, the results are the same. OK, so the REALLY good news is that "Pixel isn't compatible with M3U files" is at most only PARTIALLY true ... same for Nougat; formatted precisely it will read the first entry. But how do you suppose we get it to move on to later entries? (and why would backslash work since it isn't "correct" in this OS )? Recent 25.m3u
  5. I hear you Andre. Like I said, I would have liked a solution, but as it stands I just hope you guys aren't killed as Nougat starts rolling out in the "real world", or if/when Pixel becomes as popular as everything else about it makes likely.
  6. Exactly the same. from the M3U8 file: /storage/emulated/0/Music/Aimee Mann/One More Drifter In The Snow/10 Calling On Mary (2016_08_26 03_55_16 UTC).mp3 (I'd include a screen grab showing the same, but at the moment your software is rejecting my attachment)
  7. BTW: Just for giggles I've tried Rocket Player. It doesn't work, either. Still dunno WHY, or exactly WHERE, but I feel more and more like M3U is incompatible in either Nougat or on Pixel Phones. Very ugly development.
  8. Yessir. I know ... makes no sense. For you guys, if I've uncovered something that y'all are gonna have to figure out how to work around as Nougat gets real in the world (or even if it's actually JUST a Pixel issue that Google's built), well ... uggh. For ME: the fact that I can export a playlist AND IT PLAYS, suggests that there's something about the export process that isn't just "file dump to disk"; something inside Poweramp is retaining memory of ... something. That would be a workable starting point for me to keep using your app and my playlists. But you said that the exported M3U8's are JUST exports and that the app has nothing "in it" (or in a configuration file somewhere?), so I just don't know what to do now. The most interesting clues are what I described about GOOG support: built-in Pixel support was adamant that their devices and ONLY their devices are simply not M3U compatible. This, and their ... <ahem> off-shore demeanor ... suggests that they were coached to say that to get people off the phone ASAP. OTOH, the PlayMusic support team seems to be trying to provide support, and are capable of real discussion , but are actually not in a position to help since there's the online/offline/how'd your music get in their library issues AND it doesn't have file-based playlists. And like I said, they seemed horrified that perhaps Nougat itself was now disallowing that. And let's face it: their job is to support Google's app, not playing it in someone else's. If there IS something being kept inside Poweramp that seems like the only workaround at this point (and if you can identify it and explain how to use it). Otherwise ... I think it really does look like either the Pixel line or Nougat are going to be causing you problems soon.
  9. Andre, I've attached the sample M3U8; generic-as-can-be TXT. And yes ... once handled "like a file" instead of being a file created by Poweramp) Poweramp treats it just like the misbehaving M3U files. Playlist 1.m3u8
  10. Holy Cow, this actually gets worse. First, yes, creating a playlist in Poweramp works exactly in the way you said; file goes in the Playlist folder, is named .M3U8 , and is just a text file, containing location-specific file pointers. But then everything else is bad. *moving the MP3s to that folder doesn't work *renaming theme as M3U8 while in that folder doesn't work *CRAZIEST OF ALL: copying an exported M3U8 and placing it in the PLAYLISTS folder doesn't work! So: Poweramp may be creating external files to represent the playlists, but it only plays them when referenced internally. External lists, whether in the playlists folder or not and whether M3U or M3U8, and despite M3U8 being identical in format to M3U, works ONLY when the file was created in PowerAmp (and, like I said, is referenced as an internal playlist—even if it's stored externally). This behavior is consistent whether I try to play the M3U8 files in Poweramp or using the EsFileExplorer App to play "as Poweramp" externally. The solution, inelegant as it would be, would be a manual import feature in Poweramp. I'm not sure what the "Import System Library Playlists" feature is supposed to do, and the "How to Import Playlist Files" tells me what Poweramp is supposed to (always has done) do with the file-based lists, but doesn't actually do anything useful. Incredible. Truly, Android 7.1 (or the Pixel phone) is literally refusing to allow the processing of the M3U or M3U8 playlists by the system.
  11. "Ha" re the SD Card; I hear you, and my position was that since I could buy one with enough internal storage to cover my needs for what I'm guessing the life of the device would be it was OK with me. And as far as being able to browse to areas I can't play with being non-root ... you'll need to to take my word for it that on my prior devices I was able to do so (most recently an HTC One M8 (2014 phone) ) As for editing the files in-place on the Pixel using ES to browse to the music folder and then its built-in editor : yup, not a problem. This is weird beyond belief; nothing about it is amiss except the distinct possibility that Google has gone out of their way to disable M3U functionality in either the Pixel phones or the latest version of Android. That would be consistent with "we want you using the Play Music Store and that doesn't use on-device lists", but it would be deeply troubling, ESPECIALLY if it's Nougat 7.1-wide (still bad on their phones, but I guess not AS bad ... if they revealed the information, which they don't).
  12. Theo: thanks for the pointer at your App; I'll give it a try if nothing else works. Andre: The Pixel has no SD card slot; this is all internal (128GB device, my collection is 70GB, and was the reason I bought the 128G model). And this is what I've been driving at when I add information about the possibility that there might ACTUALLY be something wonky in the Pixel devices; file manager software doesn't look the same in this device as it has in previous versions of Android (OR ... I don't really know what the problem is, right? ... on phone-that-aren't-Pixel). Some File managers see only one memory location, while others still see "an SD card", which of course isn't really an SD card at all. But NONE let me browse the root level of the device, and I just don't know whether that's a Nougat thing or a Pixel thing.
  13. Ahhh ... interesting thought; the EXT references COULD be a problem, since access to root level stuff (which worked until this phone, albeit as read-only) has been cut off. In other words: they've clearly locked down something in Nougat (or the Pixel version of Nougat) that didn't used to be locked down. So I did what you suggested and ... nothing. Still shows up as "0 songs" when accessed within Poweramp, The Music Player app built into ES File Explorer (Pro) also fails when I try to open it directly from the folder, as does Poweramp, and ... no surprise ... Play Music. I suspect this isn't a Pixel thing, but a Nougat thing (despite the answer from Pixel support, which is awful); like I said, they have locked down some behavior that previously worked. I've also spoken to Play Music support, which was NOT awful, and after we walked through a LOT of scenarios they believed it was Nougat ... and seemed kind of horrified. So diagnostics-wise the question is whether anyone NOT using a Pixel has Nougat yet and whether M3Us will work. If not ... wow, we have a problem; at that point Google will have kinda iPhoned it up ... "we will tell you how you can use your phone". Arrrrgh.
  14. That's the thing: they M3Us ARE in the same folder as the artists are. Exactly as they always have been (prior devices, pre-Nougat). Like I said, the support people at GOOG claim that M3Us "won't work with Pixel Phones", which I find incredibly unlikely unless they've gone out of their way to break them somehow. But I'm flummoxed.
  15. Of course. M3U attached (it's an export from iTunes running locally on my computer, and like the example I showed earlier is very much on my phone/"seen"—but useless to—Poweramp), as well as a screen shot showing the song that the list is based on playing in Poweramp Babylon [_][Live].m3u
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