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  1. Thanks Andre, that's by far the best answer I've found all day (took my issue to XDA first). I'll have a look at NFC as what you listed sounds exactly like what I want. I do find it strange that it requires a relatively complex procedure to achieve it though, seems like such a common use for a smartphone and a relatively easy thing for either Poweramp or Android to implement.
  2. Just adding a bump for this. I desperately want this feature. For a paid app this really should exist, it's only a skin after all.
  3. I'm trying to figure out how to make my phone user friendly in the car (i.e not dangerous) whilst also having a lock screen pattern in Android. My initial idea was that there must be a widget that can disable lockscreen, so that I can just tap this when going in/out of my car and have easy access to PA that way. Seems this doesn't exist anywhere. So now I'm looking at the PA lock screen itself. However, it seems I can't get access to the library from that screen? I can do everything else, but I can't seem to get to the library, so I have to go through my JB lock screen pattern as per usual. Does this functionality exist? If not, anyone got any ideas to my solve my dilema? I'm sure I'm not the only one who uses PA to play music in their car and wants lock screen security enabled!
  4. Could we have an option that would let you have the control buttons permanently on the unlock screen, and not just when music is playing/paused? It would be very useful for turning music on/off when driving, or for me at work when I'm constantly doing it.
  5. Last night I just discovered the excellent addition to have controls on the ICS unlock screen. However, it only seems to appear when there is music playing. Is there anyway to have it permanently nestled there, even when music is not playing? I use my phone a lot at work but I'm always turning it on and off when people come over, so being able to resume playing without having to go to my home screen would make the app perfect for me. (p.s. I don't really want to use the Poweramp unlock screen if possible, I like having quick access to the camera on ICS unlock screen)
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