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  1. This is hopeless situation. You temporise. Please return my money back. I've bought through Google Play. I'm going to buy another player. My time is also a money.
  2. This is not only your problem. Mine too. Nobody can help you except Poweramp author. Unlocker is faulty. Go to Google Play Poweramp unlocker webpage and read comments. This error happens on many different phones, many manufacturers. You can do nothing. Only unlocker repair and update can help. You have to wait or ...
  3. Last question. Will you repair verification method or change it to working method ? I payed for application but I can't use it. There is no other so problematic application.
  4. Life is not so easy. License verification failed again. But this time i've killed Poweramp process and started it again and it's working again. Edit: It worked a few minutes only...and verification failed again. Edit2: After deinstalation Poweramp trial version and ulocker, i've installed only unlocker. There was two icons. I've deinstalled one, left one. Then I've cleared application data for Poweramp. Working ok.... and I'm testing and waiting... Failed again This program is not usable for me. I will buy another app.
  5. Probably i've found the reason. Unbiliveable, but Google Play Store installs two instances of unlocker and it is repeateable ! Maybe it is problem of Meizu Flyme. Currently there is installed the newest official stable international version available (for M2 Note) I've deinstalled one instance of unlocker, restarted the application and it works !! I know, it's strange but now you know it and you should protect application against situation like this.
  6. Some systems kill applications running in background after for example 3 minutes because of power saving. It depends on settings. Check your system settings.
  7. I've bought Poweramp a few years ago. On current phone it is installed for a year. I've installed trial version and then, after trail version ended (there was message) unlocker. "- for Website purchase, license is checked via Internet once after Unlocker installation and Poweramp next start, and if the check is successful, then it's never checked again, unless Poweramp is reinstalled, system is reset, or ROM is updated " I didn't reinstall system I didn't reset system. I didn't update ROM, but even after ROM update in the past, Poweramp worked well !!! Just during playing Poweramp stopped and displayed information that "License verification failed" so it had to verify license AGAIN for some reasons. Poweramp has verification bug. Please repair it. It is very annoying. I know what I'm talking about. I'm also programmer. My phone: Meizu M2 Note, Android 5.1 Edit: Internet connection is excellent (double). Of course Poweramp (also unlocker) is allowed to use wifi and cellular connections with no limit. After reinstaling application and unlocker problem still exists. Poweramp is only aplication that causes problems. It is unusable.
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