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  1. i want to add single acc. on my phone . i know that works if its not possible . then i have to that way .
  2. i bought from google play at 2013 i guess :)
  3. Hi i changed my gmail. and how i can get premium with new gmail? i bought Poweramp at 2013. Thanks.
  4. hi max , i took screen record. u can i have 243 total music. but playlists have total 237 musics. playlists have not problem, because pc sees it. PA cant see 6 musics. maybe mp3 file names too long and PA cant see or other problem, i dont know but there is a problem for PA. please fix it.
  5. Yes i press all sound on PA , it sees . i made playlist from pc. pc sees 183 songs. but Poweramp sees 177 . Could we make playlist from main for for music, because PA sees only musics folders, not main music folder. what can i do ? (Sorry for bad english )
  6. hi , my m3u playlist has 183 sound , but Poweramp see 177 , why it cant see others ? i try for windows it has 183 sound. but Poweramp cant see. please fix it. thanks
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