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  1. Yes, I'm using an Android 9 custom rom. Should I provide something to detect the cause?
  2. Sir, the Hi-Res option was there in Redmi K20 Pro before. The volume drop also seems like before. What has been changed in this new build?
  3. I have a Redmi K20 Pro running pie based AOSIP custom rom. I experience this on MIUI and Lineage OS as well. The Output status is telling me that when I use OpenSL ES output I have 16bit output and a total of 2880 audioframes processed (statistically speaking. I don't care about *numbers. I donno how it even works) But a terminal check gives me other results: Output thread 0xf3f03640, name AudioOut_D, tid 1536, type 0 (MIXER): I/O handle: 13 Standby: no Sample rate: 48000 Hz HAL frame count: 192 HAL format: 0x6 (AUDIO_FORMAT_PCM_24_BIT_PACKED) HAL buffer size: 1152 bytes Channel count: 2 Channel mask: 0x00000003 (front-left, front-right) Processing format: 0x5 (AUDIO_FORMAT_PCM_FLOAT) Processing frame size: 8 bytes Pending config events: none Output device: 0x4 (AUDIO_DEVICE_OUT_WIRED_HEADSET) Input device: 0 (AUDIO_DEVICE_NONE) Audio source: 0 (default) Normal frame count: 960 Last write occurred (msecs): 0 Total writes: 43966 Delayed writes: 0 Blocked in write: yes Suspend count: 0 Sink buffer : 0xf40ce000 Mixer buffer: 0xf49d7000 Effect buffer: 0xf40c3000 Fast track availMask=0xea Standby delay ns=3000000000 AudioStreamOut: 0xf49c9e68 flags 0x6 (AUDIO_OUTPUT_FLAG_PRIMARY|AUDIO_OUTPUT_FLAG_FAST) Frames written: 42207360 Suspended frames: 0 PipeSink frames written: 42207360 Hal stream dump: Thread throttle time (msecs): 0 AudioMixer tracks: Master mono: off . . Is this expected? Or is it a bug? Should I ignore that?
  4. I have bought my redmi k20 pro recently. There's this new "hi-fi audio" switch under the "headphones and audio effects" page in settings which is new to me as I didn't have it in my older Redmi Note 3 pro or Redmi Note 4X. There are some issues when I turn on the switch: 1. DVC: on results in a lower volume. The DVC volume problem isn't a new thing, right? You can totally get what I mean; the volume drops low even when you turn it all the way up. Makes it useless when playing songs in a car/noisy places. 2. The Volume Knob isn't in sync with the actual volume level. Don't know how to put this. %100 volume on system equals to %60 volume on Poweramp. 61-100 volume on the knob doesn't make any change. Changes only appear in 0-60. These are the stuff I found. There might be some other problems that I don't know. I'll include the output detection log. Using MIUI 10.3.16 china stable. New file.txt
  5. I wanted to ask for a built-in scrobbler for last.fm, libre.fm and ListenBrainz. Once you have em in your music player, there's no need for extra apps which take recources and consume battery since most of them may keep the device awake... Plus I guess it doesn't need much coding since the api for the three above is already available.
  6. @maxmp Please help a brother out here. I remember I had talked to a couple of developers before and they claimed that the rom has the needed CAF patches. So the hi-res output works on android M and below (OEM rom or custom rom, both sides work) but in the next Android versions they seem to be always downsampling. I'm dying out of curiosity cause during this short time I had to spend with the older OEM rom I've fallen in love with Hi-res output again...
  7. From Android 7 to Android 9. Across all of the roms I had tried. Hi-res outputs always are downsampled to 48khz+16bit. Android 6 and below seem to be working fine. How can I prevent this?
  8. Thanks for the update. The "OpenSL Hi-res Output" is missing for me I've got only 3 outputs including AudioTrack, normal OpenSL ES and Direct hardware hi-res(which isn't hires either. For some reason it's being downsampled) I'm running an 8.1 oreo rom
  9. @Ajendra25 Which device are you using and which custom rom? Are you using a kenzo running an oreo rom? (If you are, go and check the audiophile discussion thread on xda. The only working combo I can think of is NOS O+latest alpha build of PA)
  10. Will uploading those system files help you in debugging on different devices? If it does, I'll upload mine.
  11. 1.Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (kenzo) 2.Cyanogenmod 13 Official (stock: MIUI 8 android 6.0.1) 3.Snapdragon 24-bit PCM audio_policy.conf
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