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  1. Can someone tell me how to disable updates in the 790 build since it's the only one that supports my lg v10 with proper hi-res? I really don't want it to update to this release (again)... I don't care about playlists or whatever, I just what proper sound on my v10
  2. I just reverted back to the 790 build and there is a clear difference in audio when I turn on Hi-Res so it must do something... Every other build after that just fails when I turn on Hi-Res and sounds much worse.
  3. Everything works and sounds great on the 790 build. After that, hi-res doesn't work anymore (fails on activation). P.S. I know in the 790 build it may show hi-res working even if it's not but I can't ignore the clearly much better sounding audio... Every other build after just gives hi-res fail message AND inferior sound quality.
  4. Hmmm, well that might be the case but I did hear a difference while switching between outputs on the 790 build (specifically between HiRes and OpenSL ES HD, with HiRes sounding slightly better each time). I guess I'll just revert to that build for now. Also, I just realised there is no more OpenSL ES HD in the latest build (799?). Why is that?
  5. Hi-Res output not working again on LG V10 with Android 7.0 It used to work on the 790 build, what changed?
  6. LG V10 Android Nougat (7.0 OTA) Snapdragon 808 + Sabre ES9018C2M Already tried with build 704 but it fails on activation.
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