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  1. Ah yes, that makes sense. Could I copy all my music files and that folder filled with the album art over and would that work possibly? Or take the pictures and paste them straight into the music folder? I'm not massively fussed about it the album art as the tags etc are all set but would be nice considering it took me a bit to get them set on the app
  2. Have been using Poweramp for quite some time now and have my music laid out perfectly as I want it. A lot of my music had incorrect tags or ones that weren't right so I sorted it out all out and added album art for pretty much every song I have. I was wanting to copy my songs onto another device (possibly an ipod so using iTunes) however I think the album art is all saved on my S6? I think the tags will have changed but the art is in a separate location. Is there anything I can do to permanently change the album art on my songs or have it all set up right? Possibly copy all the songs and
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