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  1. Thanks for your information. I hope my phone can be provide Hi-Rest in the soonest time. Please check my request thread.
  2. 1. Device model ; TG&CO TG-L900S (Made by FIH) 2. ROM version (Android version, stock/OTA/Custom ROM) ; 6.0.1 3. Why do you think your device supports Hi-Res (link to device features, etc.)? A copy of your device's /etc/audio_policy.conf file may be helpful. ; Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 / refer to attached "audio_policy.conf" file audio_policy.conf
  3. Now I'm using Poweramp V3 with aptx-HD(Bluetooth) output like below. "Smartphone (aptx-HD is activated) -> Astell&Kern AK XB10 aptx-HD Receiver -> AUX -> Car (Audi A6)" But I cannot understand how to set HI-res output setting in my case. Setting -> Audio Engine -> Output -> Hi-Res Output (Experimental) and then there is only two kinds output option (Wired Headset/AUX and USB DAC) and I cannot find Bluetooth option. Please let me know how can I use Hi-Res Output through aptx-HD(Bluetooth)
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