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  1. Ya, sorry, I meant to address that too. I thought of the image problem, but forgot to mention it. A simple fix imo would be to use the earliest Album art. Seems like a safe bet to me that any artist's first Album is their most recognizable. This should be pretty easy with tag info.
  2. Yes, but that isnt full tiled view with the big album art. Might as well use the file manager cuz that is basically all that is. I would very much like that same functionality in the folder/grid view or album view (sorry, didn't know the correct terms used in the app for my first post). Full size, 4 across album art with a hierarchical view would clean up the list and make it much quicker to find what you want. Keeping in mind this is for HU use.
  3. I've done tons of searching and lots of people say they use Poweramp with autosleeper, but it isn't for me. Poweramp just keeps on playing. I've searched this forum and there isn't even result for "autosleeper". Is there a setting I'm missing?
  4. Hi, my first post here. I'm installing a tablet in my car as the head unit and after going through about a dozen different players I've just about settled on Poweramp. The UI/ease of use is pretty good as is for this purpose. I love and pretty much have to have the album/folder, but I am really wishing it only showed individual artists that you could then click and open up a new tiled album list all the albums by that artist. My 2nd wish is an option/toggle to simplify playing full albums. Disable long press opening a sub menu and make it directly start playing all of its songs. I don't believe I'm missing anything with these ideas but I tried v2 quickly and then went to v3 alpha to see the visualizer, so sorry if I missed an already existing feature that is not yet ported over.
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