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  1. won't help because I don't know why, but for me it works : I've got a senheiser MM 50 originally designed for iPhone. It has one button, and it works perfectly well with my HTC desire. I can double/triple click, and it does go forward or backward. I love this, this is one of the reason I bought Poweramp (among many other reasons). Mic works perfectly well in the 'phone mode' I don't have the 'redial' issue you mention but sorry can't say why it works...
  2. Hello. I don't mean to start a debate, but 3rd world country or not, if you can afford an android phone and pay it's monthly bill, pay for the CD's and or MP3's that you listen on it, you should be able to afford the price of the product, no ? Happy New year, and I hope I did not sound to "stupid rich european" ...
  3. hmm, thanks fauxfreshness, sounds very interesting, I'll nedd to give it a go. Wonder how the isyncr application will work with Poweramp though. Thanks !
  4. Hello First let me say that I have bought this wonderful application, it does just all I need, beautiful, equalizer, perfect random mechanism. However, now that I see how good you are, I was wondering if the following is possible. I have searched through the list of features request and did not find it : Is there a technicall possibiliy (and will, and no legal issues lol) to add support for the "iTunes metadata" (aka song attributes) such as : - count on number of time the file was played (read/write) - last play timestamp (read/write) - volume normalising (read) - 0-5 stars ratings (read/write) - etc I would love this to work so that I could sync back to itunes and make sure my dynamic list on itunes are updated (as per example I have a dynamic playlist that plays only song that were never played before or not played in the last month, etc...) P.S : now that I typed my request, I start to realise that even if you do add this, I am not sure how to sync back to itunes.... ;o) (I can sync from itunes into my phone, but via a 3rd teer application (HTCsync) which is not snycing both ways... so well... I leave my request as it might interest other people). P.S2: People please don't tell to go and buy an Ipod... ;o)
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