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  1. I am having some issues with my Galaxy S7 and my Renault Capture. I am using Android Auto and every single time when I connect my phone to the car, Poweramp switches to speaker output. The result is that I get no sound at all. Tryed other music app and everything was working fine. Is there a solution to this issue?
  2. Since the last update I have lost Bluetooth control. Have someone else also noticed this? I am running Samsung S7 with the latest stock firmware.
  3. Here is a video with my settings and my problem. During the video I am switching from headphones to Bluetooth and back to headphones. 20181129_224007.mp4
  4. @maxmp Hi Max. I am noticing one annoying bug in the v3. I use Poweramp with both with wire headset and Bluetooth. On the wire headset I like to use the Tone settings ON but on the Bluetooth I turn it OFF due to distortions. This is why I have enabled the "no equ/tone" seting for the Bluetooth output from the audio output options. The problem is that when I switch from Bluetooth to wired headphones the Tone option stays disabled in the equaliser menu and I have to enable it manually. I am using a Samsung S7 with the latest stock android.
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