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  1. at any given time i only play songs from particular playlists, and mostly I want the songs to play in random order. a couple of issues here is that: starting playback a playlist always play the first song in the list, and shuffle is always off. please let me resume from where I left off in the previous playlist and shuffle option.
  2. posting this due to suggestion that everybody but the thread op feels this "convenience feature" should default on. i agree with op that it's a bad idea for the exact said reason. i hope it's not hard inconceivable to suggest that devs should minimize the possibility of causing hearing damage to the user via app's default settings.
  3. i can confirm this bug exist. the ideal way of handling this is to play the notification sound both through the speaker and headphones, without music audio going through speakers, and without pausing the music in headphones. unless this is some kind of os/hardware limitation, pausing music for notification sound should only be considered a workaround.
  4. there needs to be an option to show entire images in the lockscreen, because the default zoom in showing partial images are informative and looks ugly.
  5. i have set custom cover art image to my songs (embedded in files). most of them not square. Poweramp setting turned on for Android lockscreen and show album art, and the image is not showing in correct aspect ratio.
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